Burnt Coat Harbor
Steve Saunders


I can see diamonds on the water

I can feel the deep sea call

living here can't be much harder

but it ain't easy to give it up at all

It's my life out on the water (our)

I do my farming out in the bay (we)

living all year in Burnt Coat Harbor

I'm still here when the rest go away (we're)


Don't know the reason we"re drawn to Island of the Swans

Some have been coming here since before they were born

In and out of season it's clear this is where they belong

Some will remain here where their shoes have worn



The winter wind comes tearing in and cuts you like a cleaver

no one knows how the soul still grows but you know we're still believers

For years and years we preserved to carry on a little longer

We've almost been killed and then healed to remain a little stronger